Apart from the specialized TT College, Lakshyadeep TT college which offers Teacher Training program in the environment of Co-Education.

The benefits of co-education have been empirically and scientifically enumerated by many prominent educationists and academicians irrespective of the presence of any contextual background. One of the main benefits of co-education is that it imparts a potent incentive to both genders to excel in competition with one another, consequently producing a higher grade & quality of learning. There arises a tendency to compete with the opposite sex and to reach the title of winner; therefore, the co-education system is a fabulous way to promote a healthy rivalry and to bring the best out of students. The second advantage can apparently be gauged from the fact that both the respective genders develop a mutual understanding and respect for each other, which in any way cannot be termed less important in the profession of teaching. Thirdly co-education has been seen to provide thrust to the social skills of the students as per various scientific studies. It has been observed that students, with the background of a unisex school, often are lacking in confidence irrespective of the fact that whether they are boys or girls. On the contrary, co-education allows students to communicate with each other on a frequent interval, which develops the oft needed confidence, and they learn to overcome the hesitation and often do not hold back, in their future life.

The importance, of the course, can be gauged from the fact that if one seeks join as a teacher in middle schools, high schools or even primary schools, a B. Ed. degree is a prerequisite. It is a must for applying to private or government schools on permanent or even temporary basis. During the currency of the course students will gain deep subject knowledge, understanding of the relevant theories and related viewpoints on primary teaching, value addition in the skills & academic capabilities through motivated support mechanism, as according to our belief system, the more developed qualitative traits a teacher has, more the benefit that accrues to the children being taught by them.

Our course and training weaves teacher promotership, trust and interaction, skills, and knowledge around the course structure to unfold the potential of teacher and consequently impart a wholesome knowledge and learning to their future students. Due emphasis is provided on the language and teaching aptitude aspects.

Career Option after the completion of the program

B. Ed. is a must to become a successful professional in teaching arena. B. Ed. program participants are eligible for employment in government and government aided / funded institutions, for which SET is organized by the Government and after qualifying the same you can join any government school in the State as a teacher. Besides primary and high school level jobs are also in abundance. In one intends he or she can pursue Master of Education (M. Ed.) after the successful completion of her B. Ed. Thereafter on completion of M. Ed., one can qualify NET organized by the Government and can join as a lecturer thereafter in universities / Colleges.